Arlington's Best Pop-up Children's Resale


We are so thankful for the following Sponsors & Vendors!

Every sale we are happy to promote our local sponsors. These are wonderful community members who have a small business or service to offer. We are proud to support local small businesses and thank these great folks for supporting us, too.

Community Sponsor

Align your company with JBF and help make the sale possible for local families

to save on everything their growing kids need.

Your company is mentioned and hyperlinked in 5 emails and 5 social media posts leading up to the sale.

Family Ad Packs

Engage with the JBF Community by including your business's information in a special pack that goes out to the first 500 customers!  Your business may include advertisements, coupons, special offers, or promotional items. 


Vendor Booth

Be present at the sale and share your services and products with JBF Families.

Most JBF Shoppers are Moms (the primary decision-maker when it comes to household spending). You'll love reaching JBF Families so that you can sere them with your products and services - and grow your business!